Star of BBC’s The Repair Shop!

Did you spot the much-loved Merrythought Pablo Donkey on BBC One's The Repair Shop a few weeks ago?

Pablo Donkey         BBC REPAIR SHOP Pablo


On the show, which airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on BBC One, viewers witnessed the transformation of 57-year-old Lorraine’s original Pablo Donkey. Being her late brother Mark’s treasured childhood toy, it held a special place in her heart, and was carefully restored during the episode.

Lorraine described the toy as “a wonky donkey” when she presented him to Repair Shop craftswomen Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch - also known as The Teddy Bear Ladies - who often host repair pop-up shops here at the Merrythought, in Ironbridge. 

After Mark sadly passed away aged only 21, Lorraine took possession of the cuddly toy, which her brother had simply named “Donkey”, as a reminder of him. She said: “Donkey is my connection with Mark.”

During his stay at the Repair Shop, Donkey was given a complete transformation, even using the original eyes, provided by Merrythought.

Pablo Donkey The Repair Shop Restored


Looking back on the programme, Lorraine said “It was lovely to see Donkey in such a good state, and standing again."

Donkey now has “pride of place” on a rocking chair in the kitchen of Lorraine’s home in Llandudno, and is testament to the special relationship a Merrythought bear can give someone.

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