If you go down to the woods today… take a picnic and your Merrythought teddy bear with you!

Here at Merrythought we're often asked what makes the perfect teddy bears' picnic - whether it’s ideas for creating something unique, games to keep the little ones entertained, or the best tasty treats to include. Well, with National Picnic Week almost upon us (Saturday, 17 June) and warmer weather just around the corner, we’ve pulled together our top tips to help you host a memorable picnic outing.

Animals and Friends Picnic


First things first, timing is everything! Ideally, you’ll pick a gorgeous sunny afternoon but with the unpredictable British weather, it’s always worth taking an umbrella and jumper just in case.

However you choose to put your picnic together, it's who you share it with that really matters! Once you have your date and location, you’ll need to invite your family and friends - and their teddy bears of course!

Next you need to think about your setting and how you want your teddy bears picnic to look. Perhaps add a theme, such a 'Alice in Wonderland'? Either way, do make sure you have some large picnic blankets and plenty of comfy cushions for everyone. Why not hang some balloons or bunting to a nearby tree, too? (Make sure you take it with you when you’re finished!)

On the day you’ll need to prepare and pack a variety of tasty treats that you and your guests will enjoy. We suggest keeping things traditional, such as fresh sandwiches and delicious cakes - even better if they’re homemade of course. If you’re keen to push the boat out, why not bake some tasty bear-themed biscuits?

To make your picnic especially fun, make sure you’re armed with plenty of ideas for outdoor entertainment, such as;  

Maybe colouring in for the little ones? Print some teddy bear themed pictures off before-hand and pack a few colouring crayons.

For any older children (and maybe grown-ups too!) you could host a classic teddy bear hunt, where each child has to find a bear with their name on - sure to give hours of fun if you hide them well

Why not add an educational element to your day. Ask the children to look out for any wildlife and write down all the different animals, birds and insects you see? Perhaps you could give a prize to the person who spots the most?

And don’t forget, always leave your picnic area just as you found it, and take everything with you when you head for home.