The bear that’s “worth his weight in gold”

It’s with great delight that we welcome the newest addition to Merrythought’s distinguished portfolio; one that arrives with a resurgence of nostalgia and promises to ignite the imaginations of generations to come. Introducing Paddington - Classic Edition, lovingly crafted to create a lifetime of joy and companionship.

Merrythought is renowned for creating the finest in commemorative teddy bears, and we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to bring the charm of this iconic bear to life, in our historic Ironbridge factory.

Each Paddington as all the hallmarks of a Merrythought bear, beautifully handmade in the UK by the very best in teddy bear making expertise, using the finest natural materials. From his infamous duffle coat with wooden toggles, to his pure woollen felt hat, every detail has been crafted to evoke a sense of familiarity and warmth, transporting you back to the bustling streets of London and the enchanting world of Paddington.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic illustrations of Peggy Fortnum and paying homage to the rich storytelling of Michael Bond, this Paddington collectable embodies the timeless character that has captivated hearts for decades, through detailed design and expressive features that give him a personality you can’t help but fall in love with.

“Mrs Bird says I am worth my weight in gold, which is very nice to know.”

 - Paddington, Michael Bond

But beyond the exquisite design lies a deeper connection. As names that are both synonymous with British heritage, quality, and authenticity, the Merrythought and Paddington partnership is even more pertinent.

In the hands of Merrythought, Paddington isn't just a bear; he's a lifelong companion, a faithful friend who promises to bring joy, laughter, and endless adventures.

“Crucially, wherever he goes, Paddington always makes the world a better place, even if he makes it a messier one at first!”

With every hug, every whispered secret, and every bedtime story, Merrythought’s Paddington becomes a more cherished part of your family, a maker of memories, and a lifelong friend that that will stand the test of time.

Let the adventures begin!