The Merrythought Teddy Bear; A Companion For Life

Merrythought has been hand-making the quintessential English teddy bear in the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge, Shropshire, since 1930 and is the last British manufacturer of its kind.

The original factory, a beautiful former iron foundry building, remains our home to this day. It is here where our skilled team use traditional techniques and hand-sewing to craft the very finest soft toys, from the very best materials.

Since only teddy bears of the highest quality are allowed to carry the trusted Merrythought woven label, we ensure the utmost care and attention to detail in everything that we do, right down to the hand embroidered nose and smile that gives each teddy bear its own personality.

A Merrythought is not just a teddy bear, but an exquisite piece of British heritage and a loyal companion through life.