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Bevan, celebrating 70 years of the NHS

Bevan, celebrating 70 years of the NHS


This adorable golden-blonde mohair teddy bear has been specially created to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the National Health Service.

Endearingly named after the organisation's founder Aneurin Bevan, he is a limited edition of 1948pcs, marking the year this much-loved organisation began.

Bevan is a particularly characterful bear, made from tousled blonde mohair with a gold base that marries up beautifully with his sandy-gold cotton velvet paws. Designed with all the family in mind, he subtly features the coloured outlines of a grandparent, parent and child embroidered onto his left paw, and is neatly finished with a high quality blue satin bow.

Proceeds from each Bevan sold will help raise funds for The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (SaTH), which runs the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital, in Telford, Merrythought's local hospitals.

Presented in an luxury cotton bag.

10 Inches High

Limited Edition of 1948

Washability: Surface washable.

Recommended for children over 36 months - please remove all accessories, ribbons and labels before giving to a child aged below this age

  • Mohair
  • Cotton Velvet

A Magnificent Bear

Bevan is a very handsome bear who is beautiifully made. He represents a fine tribute to the wonderful work done by our NHS. A fine example of a British Bear!

Bevan - A Special Bear

With the 5th of July marking the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the NHS what a sheer pleasure it was to find Bevan, the Merrythought teddy, for sale. Though he is already a limited edition teddy, and one given life through being hand made, he is particularly special not only to the homes of his new owners, whatever their age, but for the fact that his creation sees donations being made to the The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. There is the expression that the child does not pick the teddy bear, rather the teddy bear picks the child - and, with a little help from my new friend Bevan, some of the magic of my childhood will continue to abide, perhaps even for another 70 years.


Bevan is striking bear with an adorable face. He is made of soft mohair and the embroidered paw is a lovely addition. A wonderful Merrythought creation, superb that the Hospitals are going to benefit.

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